About Us
Our extra effort in assisting our clients in sourcing their required auto parts has indeed increased our reputation amongst our clients, contributing to our rapid expansion. Owing to the rapid growth of the company within the first few years, we have decided to transform our company and offer a much wider range of products and services, and hence, converted from Ming Soon Trading to Ming Soon Auto Parts Sdn Bhd in year 2013.

Today, Ming Soon Auto Parts Sdn Bhd has become one of the most highly-sought after wholesalers and dealers in both new and second-hand imported Japanese auto parts such as gearbox, steering, brake, suspension, chassis parts and so forth, especially auto parts for all type of lorry and trucks spare parts, including commercial trucks manufactured by Hino, UD Trucks, Mitsubishi Fuso, and Isuzu.

Our Vision

To become the most resourceful and most sought-after auto parts provider in Malaysia and South East Asia.

Our Mission

In line with our Vision, we aim to promptly deliver the best quality auto parts at the most competitive price to our clients.

Our Core Values


We firmly believe that being passionate in what we do will keep us moving forward in achieving every aim we set, including providing the best services and best product quality assurance to our clients.


We are always willing to go the extra mile to promptly deliver the best auto parts selection to our clients regardless of the many challenges that we may face during the sourcing process.


We shall treat all our clients, suppliers, business associates and employees sincerely and genuinely to ensure fair transactions and ethical business dealings.
Why Us

Warranty for one-to-one replacement of faulty parts

We take pride in what we do. Hence, to ensure that our clients receive the best product quality assurance, we offer warranty for one-to-one replacement in case of any faulty parts sourced by our team.

Timely Delivery Across Malaysia

With a team of highly dedicated delivery crew and a fleet of delivery vehicles, we are able to deliver the order of both new and second-hand auto parts to our clients across Malaysia within their expected time frame.


Our team of experienced and committed sourcing crew are able to help our clients source for the best auto parts or spare parts selection with the best price option, offering our clients competitive and reasonable pricing.


Searching for the right auto parts replacement that fit the exact model and section of a lorry or truck is the most challenging and time-consuming task. Thus, we offer a comprehensive range of services from the initial sourcing stage and comparison of auto parts specification to arrangement of purchase and final delivery of the right auto parts that meet our clients’ requirement and budget, to help them save time and effort.

Resourceful & Wide Range of Auto Parts Selections

Since our establishment in year 2009, we have managed to expand our network in the automobile industry. With such extensive network that increases are resourcefulness, we are able to help our clients to source for whatever auto parts of heavy-duty lorry, from small loose parts such as nuts and bolts to larger and crucial auto parts such as spare parts, chassis, suspensions, and so forth.

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